Wednesday, October 10, 2007

eversince, these two dont have a good relationship

water can cause a short circuit to any

pure water is not a conductor but in our community there is no such thing as 100% pure water...maybe 99.99% pure but that 0.01% may cause it to become a

we know that water is a universal solvent because it can almost dissolved everything...if that 0.01% is an ionic compound(i.e. salt (NaCL)) and is dissolved in will break into (Na+ and CL-)

this will cause the charged ions to move( Na+....same thing to metals because they have +charged ions)...well moving charge is electricity...simple

now lets go to electronics...lets say your cellphone...

if youve seen a computer can notice a lot of thin copper lines(conductor) embedded in a green silicon (semiconductor) in an orderly fashion...

well if water gets into your cellphone...since these chips are well compacted.. too small ... because of the surface tension of the water ,or the water may not have enough force to get contact with the copper lines...most probably short circuit will not happen.

so where does it occur in a cellphone?well the first one to get contact with water.... maybe at the microphone...speaker?hmmm....most probably in the power source.....battery...because it is exposed and simply because its where charge are stored.

if water get into the battery...and if water is a may direct the flow of charge into any direction...if that happens... a lot of current may only pass into one path causing overload....and if that path dont have enough resistance.... heat will build up....and boom short cicuit...