Wednesday, November 7, 2007

short circuit in phone

no mate...i think there will always be a risk if you turn it on...

short circuit

short circuit may happen when small wires cannot handle or resist the load of the current that passing through it....because of high temperature (heat)

it doesnt really mean that it didnt damage the phone after it was dunked in the water..still short circuit happened...but it didnt damage the phone critically..i mean..if your phone is complex circuit (millions of connection)...the only one that got affected was only a small part of it(maybe 1-5 of connections)..well the connections are combination of series and parallel...but if its will still work...because even if one fails other can still do the job...

the reason why you shouldnt turn it is to minimize the got question just asked..leave your email so that i can email it to you...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

dont try to switch it on again...why? because your letting the current from your battery get contact with the water, if this thing happens, then it may cause short circuit...

just remove your battery..and let it dry until theres no evidence of water. then try it. if it didnt work then try a new battery....

just ask questions mate

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sim Card Recovery

have you deleted your contacts, messages accidentally?....
your lucky theres a sim card data recovery software
how does it work?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

which is better? post paid or pre paid

if your still considering what kind of billing plan you want to have these are some cons and pro of post paid and pre paid

this will give you or at least remind you of what you are getting

if you dont know which one to choose

this are the basics that will guide you in choosing your network and cap plan

whats available
value for money

first at your network

no extra fee for local roaming
good support (customer service)

your plan

depending on what you can affor and what you really want

I reccomend value for money

choosing a cellphone?

arent you sure of buying a cellphone that will fit you?

theres a lot of depends on your needs, lifestyle and of course whats available for your budget

of course i recommend the most efficient model.

first its within your budget range

what do you really need

extra to price ratio

cellphone capabilities

what do you really need

timer calendar alarm
to do list
txt messaging

voice recorder
3G capable
storage micro mini sd mmc
connection usb connection infrared bluetooth wireless 802.1 abg
proof weatherproof splashproof waterproof shockproof

this is actually a common sense
i just want to add some topics about cellphones.




additional casing

avoid dropping it
chain it to yourself