Wednesday, October 10, 2007

b4 i was thinking of buying a splash or waterproof shockproof and weatherproof cellphone

but because of the gave me a second it worthy?

why should we buy them?
lifestyle. if you have a rugged lifestyle like what i have (sports/outdoor

recreation..great challlenges.whatever) i would say that it fits the occasion..
unique. yeah because not all mobile phones have the same capabilities and resistance to weather..

durable. well if it got more resistance...then it is likely to have more life.

trend. not really because it is not that popular and not everyone use it.

compare a cellphone with the same capabalities 5140

unique casing design and material...

i think all mobile phones or cellphones are designed to be water proof and splash proof thats why most of the time you can still save your mobile phone if it get wet

maybe cellphones have fuses or circuit breakers to reduce the damage of short circuit.

Nowadays batteries are designed to be compact and waterproof to avoid short circuit.